In this particular article, I’ve decided to try out a slightly different style of relaying information. The basic philosophy is as follows: I’ll provide low resolution information on a particular topic, then as we go through the article it will gradually be recalled again to where a higher resolution of…

What is the opposite of fragile? Robust? Wrong!

It’s natural. Most people would often say robust — something that is not fragile, something that does not break. Whilst this common answer may seem correct at first, one can view fragility in a totally different light.

To understand the question better…

From observations to drawing up strategies.

In light of the recent relaxation of the curfew in Kuwait and hence the reappearance of traffic, an idea I had previously thought, has once again resurfaced.

Every morning as I traversed my usual route to university, which consists of traveling on the Arabian…


Part 2: The Real World

Part 3: An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic

Part 4: Modeling Trading Decisions


1- A Primer on Classical Logic

Abdulaziz Al Ghannami

An aspiring quant & writer at :

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