Why must we hunt for that which we want? Sometimes sitting and waiting is indeed all that we need to do.

Nevertheless, I disregard the notion that things that are written will come to you. Nay, I disregard its implications. For these things do indeed come. But it depends on perspective.

The traveler sees foreign lands because he travels. He would not if he didn’t. The verb preceded the result. We are moving in a world where one expects to sit and not move at all.

The whole world moves and all one sees is everything flashing by. They are at the passengers seat, staring out of the window, hoping the vehicle reaches their expected destination. Others voice their destination in hopes of altering its course. I on the other hand, realize that I am the captain of my ship. True; the roads, scenery, obstacles, potholes and cops are all part of the game- predetermined, destined-

I turn away from the window, focus on the drivers seat and realize that I lay there. For I’m not sitting in the passenger seat. I never was. None of us are. I was falsely lulled into believing so. My hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel, I begin to control my ride. Swerve through lanes.

There is more than one destiny. More than one destination. And I control all of them. And God knows my moves, and where I’ll go.

Hey there! I hope you enjoyed this piece on refuting seemingly harmless mantras that could indeed be destructive to your growth and progress. I’d love to read your thoughts on this issue- so feel free to write me a response!

An aspiring quant & writer at : www.ghannami.com

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